Mental health impacts all aspects of our lives. When we’re being proactive about our emotional health, it can help us thrive in school, at work and in our personal lives. When emotional struggles go unchecked, it can lead to substance abuse, self-harm or thoughts of suicide. Suicide remains the second leading cause of death for youth and young adults in the United States.

The Jed Foundation is the nation’s largest nonprofit focused on promoting mental health and preventing negative outcomes like substance abuse in suicide in teenagers and young adults. Research has shown that a few core factors can strengthen our mental health, make it more likely we get the help we need if we’re struggling, and save lives. JED has programs targeting all of these factors with an innovative and evidence-based approach.


$10 donation provides a teen or young adult with online tools and trainings to help them identify friends who might be struggling and offer support. 

$25 donation provides an online training for an advocate on ways they can work to prevent bullying and discrimination and promote kindness in their community.  

$50 donation provides personalized email or phone support to help an advocate plan Love is Louder events for their campus/community. 

$100 supports training a storyteller to share their personal stories of emotional health struggles in a way that can help others dealing with mental health issues.

$150 provides 15 advocates with Action Kits and resources that help them make their campus/community more inclusive and supportive.

$250 provides an online training for 10 advocates on ways they can work to prevent bullying and discrimination and promote kindness in their community


Just like our physical health, mental health is a combination of our genetics, physiological factors, lifestyle and the situations we face. Data has shown that increasing resiliency and developing healthy coping skills earlier in life can better prepare us to face life’s challenges and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. JED’s Love is Louder project works to increase resiliency online and through grassroots initiatives. Online campaigns like Press Pause provide advice and digital tools to help people cope with difficult situations in the moment.

While there are some aspects of our emotional health we can manage with self-care and healthy coping skills, other challenges and conditions like depression may benefit from professional support. Through JED’s comprehensive online resource center (being expanded and relaunched in 2020) and campaigns like Half of Us with Viacom, we are changing perceptions about help-seeking and providing access to support 24/7 through partnerships with hotlines and text support services.

Studies have shown that our friends and peers in the best position to notice that we’re struggling and to offer support. We don’t always know when and out to reach out and offer support. Through our online resource center, Love is Louder advocacy program and Seize the Awkard campaign with the Ad Council. We are training people to recognize the warning signs of emotional struggles and suicide and giving them tools to start effective conversations.

JED has developed the only comprehensive model for promoting mental health and preventing suicide in campus communities. Our JED Campus team works with nearly 300 colleges and universities – representing 3 million students, to ensure they are creating a campus community that supports emotional health, training campus professionals to recognize and address warning signs of problems, and effectively expand and promote their mental health services.

Bullying, discrimination, and abuse can cause and worsen mental health issues. The Love is Louder community is engaging, inspiring and training advocates to help prevent these negative behaviors in their communities and on their campuses, and amplifying hopeful, positive messages. Individuals, communities and campuses around the world are currently using Love is Louder programs, resources, tools (like our Action Center) and events.

Real stories are the most powerful way to reduce stigma, increase understanding and promote acceptance. JED’s storytelling program with the Moth trains advocates to tell their personal stories of overcoming mental health struggles in the most effective way. Our Media Practice is working with major media outlets and agencies like Viacom, TLC, HBO, Spotify and CAA, to minimize the negative impact and amplify the positive impact media can have on our mental health.

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